More than a third of online sites have video production and for good reason. Since the invention of the film, it has proven time and again to be one of the most efficient methods to reach out to people and influence them. At first, that was via movie theaters and TV and adverts found there, but as technology has developed there has been a progression in film too. Today people can fast forward through the commercials so there is a larger drive now to advertising with video online. Companies need to find good video production companies to achieve this with.

According to one study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, customers are actually 72 percent more likely to buy a product or service when a video has been a part of the marketing, and they also are going to make that decision to buy quicker. People tend to feel they understand a brand and their product better from seeing a video.

So here is a look at the whiteboard animation video services we offer!

Videos we do for $15
We have pre-made video templates for over 25 local services. These pre-made videos are available in categories like carpet cleaning, pest control services, janitorial cleaning services, painting services, local plumber, roof repairs and many more. 
Videos we do for $25
For just $25 we offer you customized whiteboard animation videos. You will need to provide us a script for the video. We will come up with a brilliant video that will impresses your audience. The video will stand as a testimony of your business excellence.
Custom Made Whiteboard Animation Video
Here we tailor the video as per your needs. Just share your site, needs and few details. We shall conceptulize, create and deliver a stunning video for your business. We add all the elements, bring out our best just for you. We can provide voice over, animation, great background music. Ask for a full explainer video etc and we’ll deliver it.


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